Batch edit or convert images fast, even with profiles and monitored folders, using ImBatch

ImBatch is a free (for personal use), powerful and very fast program (it can use all CPU cores), that lets you edit and / or convert any number of images at once, in many ways, some of them difficult to find in similar programs, such as adding images to a single animated GIF or a PDF document.

You can save sets of modifications to apply them again on new groups of images. The program can also monitor folders to apply a set of changes to images as they appear in those folders.

Among the changes you can apply to images is of course resizing, rotation, cropping, watermarking, optimization, shadow or borders addition, change of colors, blur conversion and much more. An explorer context menu lets you apply a set of changes to selected images without having before to open the program.

ImBatch is able to upload images to FTP servers

Download ImBatch