Make CD self reliant MP3 collections, with Organizer MP3

Organizer MP3 is an MP3 Collection Builder and Player. It creates MP3 collections that are ready to be burnt on a CD, and include besides the MP3s, a player, covers, lyrics, slideshow of pictures, Song groups into albums with covers and information.

The program automatically reads ID3-TAGs (both ID3v1 and ID3v2) and finds lyrics on the Internet.

Organizer MP3 can use sequential, preview, and random play-modes. You can create and save your own playlists, sort them by title, artist or in random order.

Songs added to a playlist will be written with a different color (so you won’t add a song twice by mistake). It will also Allow you to read the lyrics or preview the picture for current song, with automatic change when new song starts. In the Slideshow you can view the pictures which were added in Organizer.