Preview and rename files and folders with undo and profiles, using Metamorphose

Metamorphose (a Greek name meaning “transformation”) is an open source program for mass renaming of files and folders; it combines great flexibility with an intuitive interface, allowing many different rename operations.

Cross platform, it can be used on a variety of operating systems. It doesn’t have problems with non-english characters, it is safe (it doesn’t delete files from the disk), it has a convenient preview option in real time (as the user enters the criteria of renaming). Maybe the best renaming utility? Consider also PFrank and especially the Bulk Rename Utility.

Features of Metamorphose: Preview every item to be renamed before comiting changes; Load all files in directory and in subdirectories (recursive renaming); Undo renaming; Regular expression support; Rename MP3 files according to their ID3 tags; Rename image files according to their Exif tags; Full unicode support means any character from any language can be used; Use of all allowed characters under Windows and OSX, all except ‘:’ in Linux.

More: Save all program settings to file for later use; Renaming operations, which can apply to name and/or extension: Prefix, Suffix, Replacement, modification, or move by: Character, position, or regular expression.