Backup or synchronize excluding subfolders, with SyncFolders

SyncFolders is an easy yet powerful, and free, program that will help you to synchronize folders and subfolders, letting you also exclude subfolders you may not wish to replicate. The folders may be on different disk drives, on the network, or any type of USB storage device. SyncFolders allows you to copy in either or both directions.

Clicking the “new” button you open the configuration screen where you adjust easily all related options. An optional simulation scan lists files and folders, the total size of the data and possible errors. A log file lets you examine the simulation to decide if you are going to run the backup. You can block files from being synchronized or copied, even exclude whole subfolders.

I like simple backup programs, without compression, etc or endless dialogues of obscure settings, which is the reason I was attracted for a long time by Karen’s Replicator, a simple and great program, which, however, won’t let you exclude subfolders from a backup job. Then I tried SyncFolders and I’m impressed by its power and convenience.

Features: Two-way synchronization of files and folders – Can easily be used as backup tool – Shows a preview before the actual synchronization. You can override actions if desired – Detects conflicts or file collisions when a file has changed in both locations since the last sync operation. Tracks file modifications and deletions in a local database – Propagates deletions and detects file renames – Default actions can be defined in case of synchronization conflicts – Integrates with Windows’ Task Scheduler to support scheduled synchronizations – Supports file and folder filters – Can handle long file names and files of any size – Supports multiple synchronization rules in a single rules file – Deleted or overwritten files can be moved to the recycle bin or to a time-stamped history folder – History files can be deleted after a user-defined period – Unlimited number of files – Can ignore one-hour timestamp differences caused by DST switch for synchronization to FAT file systems – Easy-to-use – Unrestricted freeware – No spyware, adware or malware – Portable, although .NET Framework is required.