Undo your editings of a Winamp playlist, with Playlist Undo plugin

Playlist Undo is a free Winamp plugin that will let you undo even thousands of editings of a Winamp playlist. Editing a playlist you may accidentally delete a track a moment before you realized you wanted to keep it! It occurred to me a lot of times, and there is no Undo, as you know.

To install this plugin, just close Winamp, place the DLL file along with the other Winamp plugins in the plugins folder of Winamp, run Winamp again and go the plugin’s settings to configure it.

Note that some of its settings (including a presentation of a full list of what you can undo) won’t work for the most recent Winamp versions, but what you real need is this magical hotkey (Alt+Z) that reverses a change you just made. Type it again and it will reverse one more.

According to my experience you really don’t need to undo more than a couple of changes, but the plugin lets you undo thousands….

Download Playlist Undo Plugin for Winamp