How to convert Greek file and folder names to Latin (Greeklish) with Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility is very powerful, supporting almost any conversion type, however it does not provide with a click of a button a conversion between various alphabets.

Especially to avoid conflicts with some operating systems or programs, you may need to convert Greek file and folder names to their Latin equivalent, e.g. rename χατζιδάκις to hatzidakis, etc.

You can have the Bulk Rename Utility make this conversion by pasting a specially formatted list of the two alphabets, denoting the particular replacement of each and every Greek letter or diphthong with a Latin equivalent.

In the Bulk Rename Utility press Ctrl+F6 or go to Options > Characters Translations and paste this list that I made. Then select the files or folders you need converted to Latin (Greeklish) and press the Rename button.