Best free font viewers, to browse, test, install and uninstall your fonts

Font Xplorer will help you choose the “perfect font” for a specific job and easily perform all types of font management.

Browse both installed fonts and archived fonts from disk;

View each font and easily compare all or selected fonts;

Special user text compare mode;

Load, install, unload, uninstall, manage fonts, and more.

Read more on how to use it, or just download and see if it suits your needs.

Do you need more? Check PrintMyFonts, NexusFont Cfont Pro, FontViewOK, and PrintMyFonts — all free!

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  1. Franco says:

    I can read the Greek Bible O.K. on the Ellopos/Elpenor site on my desktop ( P.C), but on my Android tablet all the vowels are missing from the same Greek text. Can you help?