Best free font viewers, to browse, test, install and uninstall your fonts

Font Frenzy allows you to strip away all your excess fonts and restores your system to only the fonts that are essential to Windows, giving you the maximum performance speed possible, since boot time increases when you have many fonts installed. Besides this, with Font Frenzy you can:

Save a snapshot of your fonts folder that you can use as a restore point; Re-install fonts quickly and easily from a previous snapshot; View your font list at any point-size using a customizable test phrase;

View a sample of each font in a pop-up window including every upper- and lower-case character and numbers; Add new fonts, delete, or unload and store selected fonts; View all fonts from a specified folder (recursively, if you want to include subfolders).

Note that Font Frenzy is not that reliable. You may save a snap only to find out that you can not use it, since the program crashes upon browsing the fonts included in a snap. Read more on how to use Font Frenzy, or just download it now.

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  1. Franco says:

    I can read the Greek Bible O.K. on the Ellopos/Elpenor site on my desktop ( P.C), but on my Android tablet all the vowels are missing from the same Greek text. Can you help?