Find your registered keyboard shortcuts, with ActiveHotkeys

If you need a program that displays what global keyboard shortcuts are registered by various applications, you can use ActiveHotkeys: it will show a list of all active (registered) or inactive (available) global hotkeys. Please note that Windows does not provide information about what program registered a particular global hotkey, therefore this information is not available through ActiveHotkeys either.

The program works only on 32bit Windows. No installation necessary – just unpack and run. The program does not store any data in the registry.

Features: Supports all possible combinations of Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win keys with regular typewriter keys; Results can be sorted and filtered to show all possible hotkeys or only currently active hotkeys (those registered by various applications in the system); Program displays total counts of existing, inactive and curently active hotkeys; Results can be copied to clipboard or saved to file. Results are copied and saved as tab-delimited format, which can be imported into a spreadheet.

Please note that, if you need to define new shortcuts, perhaps Keyboard Tweaker will prove more useful, since it can register new shortcuts and it also warns you if a shortcut is already registered.