Create a list of font samples and print it or export it as image or text document, with PrintMyFonts

Font managers are essential to me, I need them a lot, and I don’t miss a chance to try new ones that I happen to ignore.

PrintMyFonts is a portable and light font viewer and printer, but not so much a manager, since it won’t let you install, uninstall or backup your fonts, make font collections, etc. The program is meant to let you view a list of installed fonts or / and fonts available in any folder, with or without custom text and colors, to select what you want for your particular presentation needs. It will let you export this list in several ways, from printing to making a complete HTML document.

PrintMyFonts exports a list of phrases written in several fonts as an image, a rich-text document or as a web page. Note that the web page contains simple text defined by the fonts you select — it is not created using font images. This means that you can send your HTML page only to people who have those fonts already installed.

The program is easy to use and features a pleasant interface. Future improvements that I suggest would be the addition of more filters (select fonts containing particular languages, etc) and the addition of selection modes right in the list, such as checkboxes. PrintMyFonts is one of the best applications of its kind, you may really like to check if you need to compare and even make some presentation of fonts.

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