How to browse, test, backup and restore your fonts, with Font Frenzy

Font Frenzy can…

Save a snapshot of your fonts folder that you can use as a restore point.
Re-install fonts quickly and easily from a previous snapshot.
View your font list at any point-size using a customizable test phrase.
View a sample of each font in a pop-up window including every upper- and lower-case character and numbers.
User-friendly font manager allows you to add new fonts, delete, or unload and store selected fonts.
View all fonts from a specified folder.

The Main Program Window

The main program window displays a list of all the fonts installed in your Windows Fonts folder.

You can change the size of the fonts in the list by choosing or typing a point-size in the selection box at the bottom-left of the window.

You can also change the phrase used to display the fonts in the main list by typing in the text-box at the bottom right of the window.

The area a the right-hand side is where Font Frenzy’s sub-menus will appear when you click on one of the options in the File Menu or on one of the buttons on the main toolbar.