Compare fonts to print or export them in documents or images, with PrintMyFonts

PrintMyFonts is a free, portable and powerful utility that lets you compare your fonts using any text you like in any language (with unicode support of course), selecting what you want to compare and removing all the rest from the list, then print this list in any font size you like, or export it as an image, Word document, etc.

Along with the test-text the program prints the font name and style (optionally). You can also change colors in this font list. Unfortunately you cannot add to this information font size, let’s hope this option is added in the future.

A nice feature is comparison of fonts that are not installed but stored in any folder of your PC. You can even hide system (installed) fonts to compare only fonts that are not installed.

You won’t face any difficulty to use PrintMyFonts, although it is filled with a lot of useful options. If you are interested in fonts and font comparisons, PrintMyFonts is a free tool you may like to try.

Download PrintMyFonts