If you cannot start Windows to clean a virus, Dr.Web LiveDisk will help

In case you are having problems to start Windows after a virus attack, you can use LiveDisk, a disk or USΒ drive that is bootable and includes antivirus tools. As in similar programs the interface is simple, confined to providing virus scans and internet connectivity to update virus definitions.

You have the option of performing a global antivirus scan, or if you think that you know the cause of your trouble, to gain speed by performing custom scans of particular folders. If the program finds infected or suspicious files you can let it delete or quarantine them.

Just keep in mind that the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a severe problem, such as a virus attack, is to restore a system image. Instead of fighting a virus you will need just a few minutes to have your system alive and well. Just make sure you create system images regularly, so that upon restoring the last of them you won’t lose recently installed programs or recently changed settings.

Of course, to be even safer you should also have, just in case, an antivirus bootable drive such as LiveDisk.

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