Download free VistaSwitcher alternative AltTab for older Windows

If you refuse to leave XP or 7, you may like to try VistaSwitcher, an elegant and powerful free task manager. Once installed, it replaces the default Windows Alt-Tab dialog with a nice box that shows a list of all running tasks with their names and preview snapshots. It enables the user to take actions on them using the mouse as well as keyboard shortcuts. With a click of your mouse, you can switch to a task, minimize, maximize, restore the main window or close the process.

VistaSwitcher runs under Windows XP/Vista and 7. It is the best enhanced AltTab utility I’ve tried so far. Really fast and convenient, although the minimal AltTab we are used to under so many Windows versions, still holds its advantages.

Microsoft should have something like that in Windows 7 (and even this as just an option), instead of its default messy dialogue. In Windows 10 things are different, so nice that you don’t need any special freeware.

You may also like to combine this with NumPad Transformer, a program that works even with the most recent Windows OS and tweaks the NumPad, among other functions letting the NumPad Addition (+) key act as a switcher, activating one by one all non-minimized open windows.