Uninstall completely your video card drivers, with Display Driver Uninstaller

Display Driver Uninstaller is a free and portable utility that can be very useful in case that you need to upgrade or downgrade the drivers of your graphics card.

Sometimes uninstalling display drivers using the system applet can have problems. Display Driver Uninstaller help you to overcome such problems by removing the previous drivers completely. The programs works with AMD, NVIDIA and Intel drivers.

Display Driver Uninstaller is nothing complicated, it just removes the drivers thoroughly. Simple as can be. As you can guess it removes also the relevant registry keys and all related files. It exterminates the currently installed version of your display drivers!

Besides this, the program can also stop Windows from installing any drivers until you decide yourself what to install. A generic driver lets you just have access to your monitor. As always, when you perform tasks like this one, it wouldn’t be useless to devote 10 minutes of your life and create a system image.

Download Display Driver Uninstaller