Let Android display accented characters, such as polytonic Greek

A few days ago I received this letter, saying that “I can read the Greek Bible O.K. on the Ellopos / Elpenor site on my desktop PC, but on my Android tablet all the vowels are missing from the same Greek text. Can you help?”

Vowels contain the accents of polytonic Greek. Android is known to face problems with Polytonic / Extended Greek. If you are unable to display Polytonic in the browser of your Android device, try to install Firefox for Android. Firefox seems able to display polytonic Greek even on Android tablets and phones.

Update, September 2018: Firefox for Android seems now unable to display Polytonic Greek! From what I’m informed the only way to overcome this problem would be “rooting” the phone, a change in the phone’s system not anyone is able to do without some risk.

However, a friend of mine using a Huawei phone informed me that Polytonic Greek appear just fine! This means that perhaps it’s not a global issue but it depends on the particular configuration of each company, or that recent Android versions have fixed this problem.