Manage fonts with Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro is a freeware that will help you manage your fonts, including system, printer, and currently uninstalled fonts.

“Preview All” mode will let you view all of your installed fonts in a single view with printing capabilites.

SlideShow mode will cycle through each font at an interval determined by you.


TrueType, OpenType, Bitmap, and Postscript Type 1 font support; Redesigned interface for ease of use; View all installed fonts; Preview fonts before you install them; Automatic viewing mode; Print and Export a preview of all fonts; Create Font Packages and carry your fonts to any machine; Quick Detailed Viewer lets you see all fonts with key information in a single location; Zoomer tool lets you see the details of any font and any character; Property Toolbar to let you change some properties instead of using the Property Window; Glyph viewer lets you see how a font character is constructed.

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