Browse, examine, export and print your fonts, with Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro is a free program that will help you manage your fonts, including system, printer, and currently uninstalled fonts. “Preview All” mode will let you view and print all of your installed fonts. SlideShow mode will cycle through each font at an interval determined by you.

Features: TrueType, OpenType, Bitmap, and Postscript Type 1 font support; Redesigned interface for ease of use; View all installed fonts; Preview fonts before you install them; Automatic viewing mode;

Print and Export a preview of all fonts; Create Font Packages and carry your fonts to any machine; Quick Detailed Viewer lets you see all fonts with key information in a single location; Zoomer tool lets you see the details of any font and any character;

Property Toolbar to let you change some properties instead of using the Property Window; Glyph viewer lets you see how a font character is constructed.