How to use PhotoFiltre: Basic Functionality

“Adjust” tab

Allows you to adjustment basic values (brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma). To convert a series of images into levels of gray, adjust saturation at least (-100%).

“Filter” tab

Allows to apply some preset filters.

“Transform” tab

Allows to carry out rotations and flips.

“Action” tab

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Starts the process and displays report. To cancel the process, press the Escape key and wait until the program returns. This action may need several seconds depending on your computer’s speed. In this tab, you can also save your parameters.

PhotoMasque module

This module is available in 16 million colors only (RGB mode) via the menu “Filter / PhotoMasque”. It makes it possible to apply effects of advanced contour and transparency using preset masks. Learn more on how to use PhotoMasque