How to use DirSync Pro: basic functions for synchronizing files and folders

DirSync Pro is a powerful and free synchronization, comparison and backup tool. The Jobs tab shows configured jobs in a visual tree. The Job tree shows the details of configured jobs.

Enable/Disable check box: to enable or disable a job for synchronization. Only the enabled directories get synchronized.

Edit the selected job opens the Job Edit dialog for the selected job.

The jobs are synchronized from top to down. Upper jobs get synchronized first.

The Sync Queue tab shows the synchronization queue. You’ll see here all the files which are going to be synchronized.

The Summary tab shows some statistics about the synchronization: number/size of Analyzed files/directories, number/size of files/directories to be synchronized, number/size of New files/directories, number/size of Modified files, number/size of Larger files, number/size of files which are Larger and modified and number/size of files/directories to be deleted.

The Filter tab of DirSync Pro allows filtering the synchronization queue. This helps you to make a selection of files to be synchronized. This filter does affect the synchronization queue. Only the files that remain in the queue of DirSync Pro are synchronized during the synchronization process.