Download and learn thinBASIC, a BASIC-like extensible modular language

thinBasic is created for simplicity and immediacy, is able to run scripts directly and perform all sorts of tasks, such as making GUI apps, connect to databases and ftp sites, send mails, handle files, etc.

thinBasic language is extensible. Modules are collections of functions and to those distributed as the core you can add your own in any language able to develop a 32bit Dll, such as PowerBASIC. thinBasic allows you also to select the way that is more suitable to your project, procedural or object oriented.

A script can contain several files in order to be better organized and it can be run immediately or be distributed as simple EXE file.

thinBASIC comes with detailed documentation you will appreciate especially if you are just starting learning it, and with hundreds of examples.

Download thinBASIC