Unlock a file if in use and access is denied after a sharing violation

Did you ever have such annoying messages as Cannot delete file: Access is denied – There has been a sharing violation – The source or destination file may be in use – The file is in use by another program or user – Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use…

EMCO Unlock IT helps to avoid restarting your programs or even the whole Windows system to delete a file. Features detailed information for every process: name, owner and full path; unlock by termination of the locking processes directly from EMCO Unlock IT; Integration into Windows Explorer; Automatic updates; Support of Vista and various x64 platforms).

EMCO Unlock It does not install a right click menu, you have to drag the locked file and drop it on its window, then the program manages to unlock it.

Another program, that does not even need installation, is Process Explorer. With this program you can perform a search (Find Handle or DLL). When it finds the locked file, you close the search and you right click on the list at the bottom where the locked file is marked with dark background. The program asks for confirmation, the it unlocks the file.

And (even before) you may like to try the excellent (and free) TakeOwnershipPro. Enjoy!

EMCO Unlock IT

Process Explorer