How to use PhotoFiltre: Basic Functionality

Image dissolves

To do an image dissolve:

* Open the two images
* Copy the smaller image into the larger
* Select the menu item “Edit / Paste options” and modify opacity
* Position the paste
* Select the menu item “Edit / Validate paste”
* Select the part of the resulting image which you want to preserve
* Select the menu item “Image / Crop”

Red eye reduction

* Begin by zooming on the image in order to be able to select the pupil easily (values of 400% or 800% should work)

* Select the red part of the pupil and use filter “Grayscale” or “Adjust / Color balance” to decrease
the red component. “Adjust / Gamma correction” to the red layer can also give a good result.
In all cases, you’d better use a circular selection shape or the lasso selection tool.

* Repeat the process on the second pupil

Selecting a transparent color

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Transparency is only available in indexed colors mode; to define a transparent color follow these steps:

* Select the menu item “Image / Mode / Indexed color”
* Convert the image to indexed color format by choosing a suitable number of colors from the list.
* Select the menu item “Image / Transparency color”
* While the “Transparent color” window is open, select the color to be transparent by clicking on it in the image using the pipette (the cursor changes to the pipette automatically while doing this)

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