How to use PhotoFiltre: Basic Functionality

Tool pallet

This consists of drawing tools such as the pipette (color sampler), scrolling tool, line tool, fill tool, spray tool, paintbrush, advanced paintbrush, blur tool and clone stamp. PhotoFiltre offers standard shapes (circles and squares of various sizes) but also more varied forms (oblique line, sheet, star…)

Most of these functions are available only in 16 million colors mode.

Text insertion

The text module offers several parameters. For 90 degrees or -90 degrees text rotation, it’s better to use the “Edit / Transform” menu, if your system doesn’t manage smoothing. You can also create mirror effects with the horizontal or vertical symmetry functions, available in the same menu. Certain options such as outer bevel and blur optimize require a larger text size.

As long as the text is not validated (menu item “Edit / Validate text”) you can move it with the mouse and modify it (double-click or select the menu item “Edit / Text options”).

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Merging images

Here are the steps to easily merge images :

* Open the two images
* Copy one of two images (CTRL+C)
* Switch to the other image
* Select “Edit / Paste special / Assemble” and choose the position to paste the clipboard contents

You can use this method to place images end to end in order to create a panorama.

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