How to use PhotoFiltre: Basic Functionality

PhotoFiltre is one of the greatest and easy to use photo editing programs. Here you can have brief but crucial directions on its functions and options.

Enabling the Filters

Filters in certain menus are available only in 16 million colors without transparency because most of them recompute and modify colors. For example, they are disabled for GIF images and images in indexed colors mode. If you do not have access to the filters, here is what you should do:

* Select the menu “Image / Transparent color” (for an image with a transparent color), then click on the option “Disable transparency”
* Select the menu “Image / Mode / RGB color”

Image adjustment

Toolbar buttons let you adjust luminosity, contrast and saturation of colors. If your image is too dark or too clear, you must first carry out a corresponding gamma correction using the relevant menu or buttons.

Selection tools

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PhotoFiltre offers two types of selection. The first type gathers the automatic forms (rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhombus). The second type corresponds to the lasso modes and polygon. Both will let you define a custom shape by drawing contour or by a succession of lines. Each selection can be safeguarded in a file to be re-used later (“Selection” menu).

The “Edit / Stroke and fill” menu lets you draw and fill these shapes. You can also apply symmetries and rotations to the selection using the “Selection / Transformation” menu.

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