Fade in or out your images in PhotoFiltre easily

If you need to add a fade in / out effect in your image, PhotoFiltre can do it easily, although not obviously; in fact, it is an option somehow ‘hidden.’

Open your image and go to the “Filter” menu, then to “Color” > “Gradient”. In the “Direction” part of the “Gradient” dialogue, select the direction of your fade in/out effect, that is, if you want your image to gradually appear from left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top. Then use the “Colors” selectors to select the color of the background to fade your image in.

One of the selectors should have an 100% opacity, the other one 0% opacity. You could also have already used the PhotoFiltre arrow to select a range in your image to apply the fade effect and let the rest of the image absolutely intact.

Preview and apply the gradient. If you need a bi-directional fade out / in, repeat the same task changing “Direction” to the opposite from the one already used. Enjoy!