If Win Setup cannot start using MS Media Creation Tool

If you tried to create an image (ISO) or a flash drive that includes the Windows 10 installation package, and somehow it happened that your task was not finished, it is possible that running again the Microsoft Media Creation Tool results in an error message, that “Setup couldn’t start properly”, although you rebooted your system!

This error comes up if the Media Creation tool for some reason did not finish its job of creating the Windows 10 Setup package. You can fix this problem easily.

First, make a backup of the Media Creation Tool in a stick, then delete it. Restart Windows and go to your system drive (usually the C:\ drive) and make sure you can view hidden files and folders. Delete the folders named; $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS.

If Windows won’t let you delete both or just one of these folders, you have to boot in safe mode, or use a Rescue CD that includes simple file management, to delete them. Run the MS Media Creation Tool. It should work now without problems and ask you the same questions as before. Start downloading again the Windows 10 setup files, and enjoy!