Get rid of Chrome round tabs and revert easily to the classic curved interface

These are matters of taste, and perhaps a lot of Chrome browser users like the new interface that features an active round tab and borderless inactive tabs.

I don’t like that, especially the round tab for the active page, but also some sort of a border in other tabs, subtler than the original yet existing, would be nice. In my opinion the sleekest interface of all is that of Microsoft Edge, but I don’t now it is possible to have rectangular tabs in Chrome, even fluent background.

Anyway, if you prefer the classic Chrome interface, or just want to revert for a while to compare, it is easy. In Chrome’s address bar write Chrome://flags and use the search tool to find the option UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome. Change this option from Default to Normal, and enjoy!

Note that you need to restart your browser to see the changes, but upon restarting Chrome opens again all closed pages, including that of flags, to let you change again this option instantly.