Some Windows shortcuts you really need

I assume that you know such shortcuts as ctrl+c (=copy), ctrl+v (=paste), ctrl+z (=undo), ctrl+y (=redo). I’m going to give you, in case you doesn’t know them already, a few more equally useful.

To select a text in Word or some other editor, you press the shift key and you start scrolling using the arrows until you find the end of the text you need to select. What can you do if you are in your browser and you are obliged to use the mouse?

To select a word, instead of putting a great effort to have your mouse pass from the start to the end of it, just double click on that word. If you triple click, you can select immediately the whole paragraph. The same shortcuts can be used also in your word processor.

To select two or more paragraphs, especially if they are long and they are not visible entirely on the screen, click on the starting word and then scroll to the last word you want selected; press the shift key and then click on the last word. The whole section will be selected and ready to be copied. You can do this in the opposite direction too; click on the last word, and then with the shift key pressed click on the first word of the text you need to select.