Blend photos, make overlays, add edge and frames effects, with Image Inc

Image Inc. is a free utility that will help you blend images in a fast and easy way, using a layer mask for transparency. Load the base picture followed by a top layer image, then add a mask and the program automatically merges everything together. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to use a major graphics application for this task.

Features: Compact, fast, easy to use * Floating edit palettes * 26 different Blend modes * Opacity slider on the top layer * Tiled mode on top layer * Gradient presets on mask layer * Rotate and Flip on all layers * Convert to Grayscale on all layers * Invert colours on all layers * Flatten and save image

A few gradient masks are provided within the program to get you started, but you cannot create any new masks directly. You can however import more images into the transparency layer. 20 sample *.jpg files are included, or you can create your own masks using any graphics program of your choice.

You can use Image Inc. to blend multiple photos together, create interesting texture overlays, or add edge and frame effects to your images.