Make 3D-like image effects (anaglyphs) easily, with StereoPhoto Maker

StereoPhoto Maker is a free and interesting program; it will let you double a picture placing a copy beside the original, arrange two copies in a way that produces 3D effects (anaglyphs), create images that feature a theme in front of some background that is animated, etc.

The program’s interface is rather outdated, but it is easy to use considering the jobs it can perform. The program can align in batch mode a really large amount of images.

StereoPhoto Maker lets you configure several aspects of an image, such as color, rotation in a way that produces 3D-like effects. Using stereo mode (the same image in two copies side by side) you can watch easily all the differences introduced by your editing.

If you search for a program that would let you try some interesting effects for your project’s graphics including 3D-like effects, StereoPhoto Maker can help.

Download StereoPhoto Maker