Disable Microsoft Edge at the click of a button, for a while or forever, using Edge Blocker

If for any reason you’d like to disable Microsoft Edge, this free and tiny utility lets you accomplish your deadly wish! Edge Blocker is a portable application featuring just two buttons, one to block MS Edge, and another one to Unblock it again. Just make sure you won’t lose this program, otherwise you may end up with MS Edge blocked forever!

Personally I can’t understand the real use of this program. If web pages or other file types are associated with Edge, but Edge is blocked, how are you going to open them? On the other hand, if associations are changed, then they already open in some other browser instead of Edge!

Sure, Windows still opens specific pages with Edge, for instance some Control Panel pages, but the program won’t redirect those addresses to the system’s default browser: if Edge is block, those addresses won’t open at all.

A probable real reason would be a temporary block of Edge in case this is the default or only browser in the system and you need to block browsing for safety reasons, for kids, etc. Anyway, the program works as advertised; you can get it and enjoy!

Download Edge Blocker