Download ShareX, Magnificent Screen Capture Freeware

I needed a free (absolutely free, with nonags, no registrations, nothing at all) application to let me share as easily as a couple of clicks or keyboard shortcuts, a screenshot of my desktop or of the active window. I tried a lot of similar utilities, more than 10, and one after another was uninstalled. Two or three seemed fine, but they refused to take a screenshot of a specific monitor, doing what precisely Windows does when you press the PrintScreen key, taking a shot of both my monitors. This means that I needed to edit the shot to remove the part of the second monitor, which is much more than the “couple of clicks” initial requirement.

After truying 10-15 free screenshot programs I found out ShareX! Let me make clear from the beginning that ShareX can be a little difficult to configure, because various options are scattered in various groups. When you finally finish configuring it, ShareX works better than anything! I now press my PrintScreen keyboard key to have automatically a screenshot taken, resized to the dimensions I prefer, saved as JPG file in the quality that I prefer, then copied in the clipboard ready to be attached in a mail message! And this nice freeware can do more than this (keep reading).

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