Create camera Color Profiles and calibrate monitors and printers, with Argyll CMS

ArgyllCMS is a compatible with ICC free and advanced, but not easy to use, program that lets you profile your camera, film recorder or scanner to achieve accurate colors, even calibrate your monitor and printer.

The program provides access to icclib and cgats libraries. Argyll CMS uses ciecam02 algorithm, and it enables 16bit and 8bit raster conversion. ArgyllCMS may not be that obvious to use, but it offers detailed help you can read and build all the familiarity that you need.

To install the program, unzip in a folder of your choice with a path free of empty spaces (e.g. c\argyl is fine, while c\program files\argyl is not).

To enjoy command line use, configure your %PATH% environment variable, at Control Panel -> System And Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables.

Download Argyll CMS 64bit or 32bit