Create morphing animations with Morph, Warp or Zoom sequences, using FotoMorph

FotoMorph enables you to create fun animations in a few steps. Each animation (or project) is composed by one or more Morph, Warp or Zoom/Pan sequences. Your animation can have as many sequences as you like.

In a Morph sequence you transform one image into another. In a Warp sequence you make parts of an image move and deform. In a Zoom/Pan sequence you zoom and pan between two portions of an image.

You can export your animation to one of the following animation file formats. Image Sequence: Each frame of the animation will be saved as an individual file in either one of the following formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF. In most cases, JPEG is the best choice. – AVI Movie: Common, high-quality video format on Windows platform. Good for importing into movie editing software such as Adobe Premiere. – Animated GIF: Good for web pages, because all browsers can view them. The quality is lower because Gif’s support only 256 colors. – Flash Movie: Best for web pages, very small and high quality. Best choice for sharing with friends by e-mail. –

Web Page: Can play flash movies at their original sizes in Internet Explorer. – Standalone EXE: A standard Windows .exe program. They can view your animation without having to install FotoMorph or other player programs. – Screen Saver: A standard screen saver to show animation effects.