Resize and watermark your photos with several effects, using TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is a free (for personal use) application that will add digital watermarks to your images, with the transparency and other features you decide. The program can resize the images before a digital watermark is added. You can use either text or another picture as the source of your watermark.

If you want to add the watermark to the background, you can set the logo or the text to be more or less transparent, and define the transparency color on the image or select the first pixel in the upper left corner as transparency color.

Features: Add text watermark that is either normal, embossed, chiseled or watermarked with a border * Automatically rotate the watermarked picture based on the orientation EXIF tag – this is written to the image by many modern cameras * Add the text used as watermark to the EXIF information of the resulting file * Keep or drop EXIF information in jpeg files;

Output the watermarked photo to JPEG, or TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF file formats * Specify the quality of the output when saving in jpeg format * Resize images while watermarking * Watermark your photos using another image * Watermark using text, in the color and style you prefer * Maintain directory structure in destination directory or combine all batch watermarked images into one directory * Skip or overwrite existing watermarked images in destination directory.