Turn photos to videos even with effects, or crop videos, with Foto2Avi

Foto2Avi is a free converter to avi / mpeg / flv. It is also a video editor. You can use it to create photo slideshows or as a video editor in order to cut or join video files. The result can be exported as a single video file, in avi or in dvd format.

Foto2Avi includes video effects and adjustments like Transitions (Flippage, Swirl…) Basic Effects (Brightness, Noise, Fade in, Fade out), Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple), Animations, Subtitles, Logos.

Foto2avi supports external audio sounds (mp3, ogg, wav).

The program is able to generate High Definition videos (HD). If your source is good enough you can generate 1080p video films using the x264 codec as encoder.