Turn photos to video clips even with effects, and upload to YouTube with MemoriesOnWeb

MemoriesOnWeb is a simple to use slideshow freeware, to create photo/video slideshows easily and upload to free video hosts. 

You can apply pan/zoom motion effects to individual slides, or mix multiple audio tracks and synchronize them to your slides.

MemoriesOnWeb integrates with YouTube’s backend, and will do the video upload on your behalf. For best results, you should install Xvid + Lame encoding codecs. When these codecs are present, MemoriesOnWeb will use them to create your video file. This will result in a smaller file size and much quicker upload.

For video clips (AVI/MPG) import, MemoriesOnWeb depends on the codecs you have installed on your PC to read them. If you have a compatible video codec, MemoriesOnWeb will be able to read your video.