Let me open this page in different browsers automatically

There was a time when webmasters needed several browsers to test their pages — and they still do, but now not only them! Thanks to the existence of so many extensions even ordinary people can, should and do use more than one browser, opening some pages in a browser that is configured with these features, other pages in a browser with different features.

The most obvious way to do that would be to copy the URL of a page from the currently active browser, open some of your other browsers and paste there this address to open the page. Snug is a free tool that lets me do just that, automatically, that is, when I view a page with, e.g. Google Chrome, I can just press a keyboard shortcut to open the same page with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Snug‘s keyboard shortcut pops up a menu with three options, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I select the browser that I want to use, and this nice little tool opens the currently active page with the browser I selected.

Sometimes I just want to have a duplicate tab in the same browser. Instead of searching for the mouse to grab and target the tab’s menu to create a duplicate, I use Snug and just select the active browser, which results in an automatic creation of a duplicate tab.

Snug supports Chrome, Edge and Firefox. If you don’t have any of them, install it, but if you’d like to use some other browser, it’s impossible. At least not with Snug.