Ignore internet censorship and be free and secure, with Psiphon

Psiphon lets you browse content that may be restricted in your country, simultaneously protecting your privacy. The word is Greek and is related with voting; a vote in Greek is called ψῆφος (psiphos ).

The program masks your browsing routes so that your internet provider won’t be able to know pages that you visited.

The method of Psiphon is to create a VPN connecting to a country near you bypassing your country’s firewalls and censorship. The program is free, simple and easy to use. If you only need anonymity, get TOR browser; you need Psiphon only if you have to fight country censorship.

Don’t be surprised that connecting to the net through Psiphon’s virtual private network reduces the speed of your connection. The L2TP/IPSec protocol may also be incompatible. Nothing is better than freedom; if you face censhorship problems you won’t lose anything if you give Psiphon a try.

Download Psiphon