Redirect automatically a web page to a URL of your choice, with Redirector Chrome Extension

Redirector for Chrome is an extension that lets you define web addresses Chrome should automatically bypass by opening some other addresses instead of them. It’s not unusual for various programs and web sites to open web pages you don’t really need. Sometimes you don’t need those pages at all, sometimes you need a special section in them or another page that only through them can be opened.

Redirector helps you to achieve all these. After it is installed, it gives you just a simple “Options” window with two text-boxes. Write at the left the Web Address that should be redirected and at the right the final destination of the redirection.

A nice feature of Redirector is that it lets you even use regular expressions, that is, ways to redirect a URL even if it comes in several different forms. For instance, you can redirect Wikipedia articles from their mobile to their desktop version this way: ^http://(.*?)\.m\.wikipedia\.org/(.*) to http://$$2

^ = any character in the beginning
(.*). = zero or more characters until the next dot as group $1
(.*) = this part of the url as group 2

Download Redirector