Print in A4 paper MS Word documents of a different page setup

You may have a document in 6×9 or even smaller page setup, to publish it, e.g. as a book a brochure or whatever, but you now need a copy from your home printer, using A4 paper size.

I tried to do this, and Word had problems co-operating with my (Canon) printer. In the printer I defined A4 paper size, and Word reverted that back to 6×9!

Perhaps the problem can be solved, but I didn’t have time to experiment on possible solutions, and I came up with this fast and easy way out.

Just save your document in PDF format and let Adobe Acrobat print it.

Adobe will let you explicitly select a paper size different than the size of your document’s page setup and it will even let you preview the results.

Enjoy your document occupying the center of the larger A4 size, and go on with printing it.

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