Quit all running programs with a keyboard shortcut instantly

Sometimes I am in a real hurry, but always I have a lot of programs running! When I need to shutdown my PC really fast, I always use Rapid Close, a free utility that will close all running programs (giving me the option to save my work if it isn’t saved yet), then shuttind down the PC.

Rapid Close starts and ends with a question. It first asks if I want to shutdown the PC or just restart Windows. When all programs are closed it asks me to confirm that I still hold my initial decision (to shutdown or restart). Pressing OK performs this shutdown or restart, but I can press Cancel, which leaves me with all programs closed, but still inside Windows.

It seems like Rapid Close can be used even just to close all running programs and Explorer folders. Yet it’s so powerful that it may have terminated even programs you are not aware they are running, and of course Desktop Gadgets. If at that point you decide to stay and keep working, you have to re-run some programs.

Rapid Close is a real time saver, but it’s not always a matter of time but of being free from repetitive actions: I press a keyboard shortcut and everything closes, I don’t have to click all those “exit” icons and menus…..