Measure time between different events, with stats, using KeyChrono chronometer

KeyChrono (the name comes from the Greek word “chronos” meaning “time”) Digital chronometer is a free program that will help you to measure time between different events, using up to 9 individual capture time keys. Each event is assigned to a key (1 to 9).

Features: final result can be stored in a text file or exported in some other program for custom calculation; it supports hours: minutes: seconds: milliseconds and seconds; milliseconds time format;

Displaying minimum, maximum and mean time interval for each individual key; Displaying absolute minimum, maximum and mean time interval between any key. At the end, the key number with the smallest minimum and the highest maximum individual interval are shown.

For example, in a car race a key can be associated to a car number (1 to 9). At the beginning of the race you click on Start and then for each lap you press on the corresponding key. In this case, the Key will represent the number of a lap and the Interval will represent the time of that lap At the end of the race you click on Stop, and you get statistics on each car’s best, mean and worst lap time.

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  1. Americo says:

    Its a good website with a lot of tools to try out.