Post on a Facebook page as the page admin and not as a personal account

If you have one or more business or “subject” Facebook pages besides your personal Facebook account, you may like to publish posts on each of your pages without using the name of your personal account, but the official name of the particular page(s).

So far Facebook used to let us click an arrow where we wrote a post and change the author of the post. The default was always the name of our personal account instead of the name of the page; this was an annoyance, but at least you could easily click that arrow and change author.

Search and search and you won’t find this function now on your Facebook pages. Unfortunately I couldn’t find also any clue on Facebook’s support pages. Then I did something and accidentally the solution appeared!

As you browse your Facebook page there is a notice at the top saying that you can “go to Business Manager to manage this Page”. If you go there, you will see that the panel in which you normally write a post, now features the page’s account name as the author of the post and not the name of your personal account. Write your post there, and enjoy!