How to transfer ownership of your Facebook Apps to a different business

If for any reason you need to transfer the ownership of your Facebook Apps, first thing you discover is that Facebook won’t provide a simple “transfer” option, no matter how logical that may seem. Perhaps some time in the future this self-evident option is added, but now you have to be satisfied by just knowing that a transfer is possible, and, if you proceed carefully, it’s not even that complicated.

A few days ago I decided to cancel and delete my Facebook account, because I didn’t need so much distraction. Upon deletion Facebook warned me that my associated developer account along with my Facebook Apps was going to be deleted too! You can imagine my reaction. I immediately quit the deletion procedure and started to search for ways to save my apps. I realized that I needed to create a new Facebook account, which I could keep secret and without “friends”, only to be used for managing my apps. If you try to transfer your apps to a different but already existing account and business, you can skip of course the creation of a new account.

I searched a lot, directions were confusing, even contradictory, I experimented, even taken what seemed to me as extreme risks (when I “removed” my apps without transferring them to a new owner!), and I succeeded, my apps finally changed owner and the old owner could be deleted without problems along with my old Facebook account. Having this rather painful experience (it needed more than three hours to complete!) I’ll try to be as clear and brief as possible.

1) Create a new Facebook account, of course using a different email address than the one you use for the account you are going to delete. 2) In your old account add your new Facebook persona as an administrator for each of your Facebook apps and pages. 3) Create a new developer account connected with your new Facebook profile. 4) Copy to your Notepad the ID of each of your apps and remove them from your assets. Your apps are now free to be claimed by a different owner. 5) Login to your new developer account and in your assets “Add” first your pages. Since you are an admin, your pages will be added as your assets automatically. Then add your apps. Since your new Facebook account is already an admin of your apps, your apps too will be added as your assets automatically. 6) Go on with the deletion of your old Facebook profile. Your old developer account will also be deleted, but your apps will be safe under the new ownership which is the business of your new developer account, associated with your new Facebook profile. 7) Open a beer, and enjoy!