Make post cards, business cards, badges, labels, with Easy Card Creator

Easy Card Creator is a free program that will help you to create impressive business cards, labels and badges easily.

Note that Easy Card Creator has now turned commercial (and very expensive, at that). I’m publishing here the freeware version which is already powerful and works on Windows 10 without problems. Of course newer versions have even more features. If this one is not enough for you, you can always buy the commercial.

The program’s interface is simple, but it misses the option of letting you start with a template to customize it and create you id- post- business- cards, badges or labels even more easily. As a solution to that you can search on line or recall cards that seemed impressive to you and let them inspire you to the creation of your own.

Easy Card Creator provides shapes, backgrounds, logos and of course text options. As you can guess you can use your own pictures and photos for anything, and you can consult the program’s help system in case some option seems difficult to understand. Align everything as you like, change colors and sizes, etc., until you are satisfied with the result.

Download Easy Card Creator