Download VLC Moments Tracker to create persisting video bookmarks in VLC

VLC is a convenient player, but it lacks bookmarks!, a useful feature especially if you have lengthy videos you need to watch in parts. VLC lets you create bookmarks that last only for the current session: if you close the player, they are gone!

I’ve read some solutions that require for you to write some code and save it as a playlist. This is not an option, it takes time, and it needs familiarity with writing code.

Moments Tracker is a plugin that works the miracle of creating bookmarks able to persist even if VLC is closed, so that next time you open the player you will use your bookmark to start watching your movie from where you stopped last time.

To install the plugin just paste it in the proper VLC folder at “\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions”.

To create a bookmark, go to VLC “View” > “Bookmark your moments“. A dialogue opens giving you two groups of choices, one regarding Bookmarks (or “Moments” as they are called), and another one for so called “Checkpoints”.

Moments are bookmarks you may want to keep even after you see the movie. Checkpoints are bookmarks you need just to continue watching a movie from where you left it. When you create a “Moment” you can give it a title, etc. When you create a Checkpoint a date and time is given automatically. Perhaps this option makes you feel a little unsafe, in which case you can create a “Moment” and use it as a Checkpoint, that is, after you return and see your movie just delete it!

Moments Tracker is a simple plugin you will find useful if you need persisting bookmarks in VLC.

Download and enjoy!

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