Save or export to backup or transfer your VLC Hotkeys or all your VLC preferences file

VLC is considered perhaps the most convenient video player, although its audio abilities too are not insignificant. For whatever reason you happen to use it, if you like to customize things you may have created hotkeys or equalizer settings, video effect settings, etc., you wouldn’t like to lose when you reinstall Windows, or change PC. Perhaps you have a second PC you’d like to transfer to and use your VLC preferences. Well, life is easy for you, because you can enjoy your custom VLC configuration anywhere by just copying and pasting a single file!

In Windows Explorer first of all make sure you select the option View > Hidden items, because the folder where VLC stores its settings is hidden. Then go to SystemDrive:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Roaming\vlc

Right inside the vlc folder you see a file called vlcrc without any extension. It’s a plain text file you can open in any text editor such as the Notepad, in case you need to find only specific settings to paste / replace on the vlcrc file of your other VLC installation.

If you want to transfer all your preferences, there is no need to open the file, just copy and paste it to your other VLC installation, having first renamed the existing vlcrc file to avoid overwriting it, just in case you’d like to revert your changes. That’s all. Start VLC and enjoy all your custom settings!