Manage your time for home or business jobs conveniently with ToDoList

ToDoList is not a complicated and difficult project manager, but it can be used even by business teams. The program is also able to track and report the use of time for particular jobs, which means also that it can be helpful for billing purposes.

The program is especially useful if you need to organize your tasks in hierarchies, to give priority or any sort of distinction on simpler jobs. As you progress on these simpler tasks the overall progress of the complex task is also automatically updated to reflect the completion of particular plans.

The interface is rather outdated, which for some can be a reason to avoid it, but the functionality of ToDoList cannot be ignored.

* If you are in search of an even simpler program you may like also to try the free Power Do Task Manager desktop gadget, To Do List desktop gadget, and Recurring Events desktop gadget.

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