Transfer your MS Word normal template customizations

If you need to reset your normal template in Word without losing your customizations, here is what you can do.

Close Word and rename your normal template to any name you like. Then open again Word. A new normal template will be created by Word automatically. Now,

* Copy your macros: Locate your old normal template in Windows Explorer and run it. Go to “View” > “Macros” > “View Macros” > “Organizer”. In the left pane select the macros included in your old normal template. In the right pane select (if it is not already active) your current (new) normal template. Select all the macros at the left and click the copy button to add them to your new normal template.

* Copy your styles: Repeat the same with your styles. Open the “Styles” tab in your Organizer and copy your styles from the old normal template to the new one at the right pane.

* Copy your keyboard shortcuts: If you have defined custom hot-keys for Word macros and/or commands you can use this special Word add-in called ShortCut Organizer, which works like the Organizer you are familiar with: it will let you have in a pane your custom keyboard shortcuts to select all of them and copy to the right pane, in your new normal template.